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A year and half after the end of the war against the Metarex, life has gone back to normal for Sonic and Co. Footsie under the table. Where did you take her?! Yay for no taunts or snide remarks. Female tails x sonic. I must've dropped it while having a large feast," Master explained, sheepishly.

It wasn't the fact that Amy was passed out and Sonic and Tails were alone now that made this plan perfect, it was the fact that Sonic was already in his boxers, which were decorated with pictures of rings. He was once again in the lab. Big black booty watchers. This spread to his stomach, ignoring the legs as the stomach caved inwards. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Then Sonic starts to slam against the door to get in. Are We More Then Friends Now by Tailsic reviews Tails's accidentally turn himself into a girl by his newest inventing, and now that Tails is a girl, will Tails's relationship with Sonic change, will they be more then friends. Tails had all the features of a female: On the other side, lay a yellow-furred female hedgehog.

Sonic floated along the puddle as he tried to find Tails. How about we just go, nothing on but the fur on our quills! He crossed his arms over his chest, "I didn't do anything.

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Not finding her but instead a note from Amy. Hot free movi. Hokuto Ulrik Kitsune-no-makoto Shifter Black Tailsic Tsuikai. Gerald's files under the name: With a quick wink to my hand mirror, what? Over two hours passed until Tails came back from where ever she had gone. Perry ignored her large bosom 'cause, you know, he has a girlfriend and approached her slowly.

Uh…coming right there Sonic!! There, she found the blue hedgehog, crouched at the side of the bed pulling out a small box that contained, what Sonic called, "rubber". Female tails x sonic. Why in the world would those idiot two-legs bring in some blue freak to his territory? Tailsko noticed the blue hedgehog was looking at her with sympathy unlike the other kids who look at her with lust. Light was kind of bright, so he's wearing sunglasses.

He flipped around so he was on top of her. She never admitted it but I knew Sonic was Sony's favorite sibling and she misses her more than me and Sonia combined.

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She sat down next to him and began to move one of her towards his big, blue balls he started carresing, "Cut that out Tails you know I don't swing that way and I didn't think you did either," pushing his hands away, "That's what I wanted to tell you He had just gotten off from an assignment from G.

What I told you was my theory of what I wanted this device to do, but that's not at all what it does," Tails smiled excitingly, "This device changes someone's gender! I hated being drenched in blood, even when eating, that's the only reason I went into the stream. How did I let this happen to me? Tails washed her hands.

She was too far gone. What's the odd feeling I'm getting? Enjoy "Come on Tails hurry up," this came from a giant blue flash of light which was of course Sonic. Submitted on April 29, Link. The girl nodded her head.

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